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Where ever you get your animals from insist they come from OFA, (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Certified Stock that adheres to AKC Color Purity Standards and parentage that can be confirmed through DNA Profiling ! Your breeder should use many series of different wormers along with several Parvo vaccinations with or without Lepto-Parvo combined with Kennel Cough Medication to insure the healthiest pups that conform to AKC standards unless you are rescuing an unwanted dog from a local dog pound then you or your Vet can do it!

If your animal is to be a pet then Sociability should also be a BIG concern to you! Providing Supplemental milk makes not just for BIGGER pups but also makes my babies BIGGER babies (through more bonding from more handling) than Great Danes are already known to be!

Fawn Great Dane & Brindle Great Dane Puppies for Sale in Marshfield, Missouri 65706 U.S.A.

I want my babies to be the BEST puppies I can produce compared to some breeders that tries to sell the cheapest dog possible. Do not accept cheap dogs from CHEAP BREEDERS! Do NOT buy CHEAP dogs unless you want sickly pups that are more costly after you take them to your Vet. You get what you pay for!!!
Resist the urge to get young pups as their immune systems are not fully developed!

Scrappy is in the Middle of the 3 Musketeers

Esbillac =
Supplemental Milk makes my Babies BIG & well Socialized!

Time for Parvo Shots

Supplemental Nursing IMPRINTS young puppies!

The GUARD Horse knows all!

Pups pee & pooh not where they sleep & eat!

Fawn Great Dane & Brindle Great Dane Puppies Marshfield, Missouri

Nursing Puppies

Various Diseases and Treatments as well as other concerns:

Drugs-Diet recommendations
Medications used and Diet supplements that produce awesome animals!

Wobblers Disease or Spondololithesis
Malformation of the spinal cervical (neck) vertebrae.

Bloat – Intestinal Torsion
Symptoms, Rescue, Remedies, Preventions and likely candidates.

Three distinct stages of the Heat Cycle

Entropion vs Ectropian
Eyelid Disorders Inward vs Outward.

Demodex Mites
Demodectic mites are self-limiting… generally less severe than Sarcoptic Mites

Sarcoptic Mites
Sarcoptic Mange are highly communicable and can affect humans, as well.

For a large listing of Various Animal Diseases, deformation and so much more regarding Great Danes, then please check out:

You are welcome to use my Vet’s link to their awesome library of articles.
Fair Grove Veterinary Service L.L.C. See their link in the footer of every page on this website.

AKC Standards
Learn what the AKC describes as they requirements and suggestions for Great Danes!

How to pick a Quality Breeder
Learn how to pick a quality breeder so you can purchase puppy with confidence!

Puppy Sales Contract & Health Warranty
Available without additional charges for any puppy sold. Extended warranties also available.

Great Dane Club of America
Learn what the Dane Club defines as desirable characteristics.

Spay – Neuter Contract & Health Warranty
Pet Quality pups = AKC Limited Registration.

ABC’s of Dog Vaccines:
“D”: Distemper. The leading cause of death in dogs, distemper is a contagious disease of the intestinal tract & respiratory system, and it eventually spreads to the brain. There is no treatment for distemper, but supportive therapy can help some side effects.
“A”: Adenovirus. There are two strains of adenovirus: hepatitis (type 1), which is a disease of the liver, and respiratory (type 2), which can contribute to kennel cough. Adenovirus type 2 is used to make vaccines, and it protects against both strains.
“P”: Parainfluenza. This respiratory disease is one of the culprits of canine bronchitis, or kennel cough, which causes a dry hacking cough that can last for weeks. Parainfluenza is easily spread, especially when dogs are in close confinement.
“PV”, “Pv”, “CPV”: Canine Parvovirus. This is a highly contagious disease of the intestinal tract. It also progresses quickly, so death is very common. There is no direct treatment for parvo, but supportive therapy may help some of the side effects.
“CV”, “CVK”: Coronavirus. Puppies are at the greatest risk for this intestinal disease, which causes severe diarrhea and sometimes death. As with other viruses, there is no specific treatment, but supportive therapy can alleviate the side effects.
“L”, “4L”: Leptospirosis. A bacterial disease in the liver and kidneys. There are four prominent subtypes (or serovars) of lepto, and one serovar will not cover the rest. Some vaccines protect against the two most common

serovars, others protect against all four.

Fawn Great Dane & Brindle Great Dane Puppies for Sale in Marshfield, Missouri 65706 U.S.A.

Strategic Deworming Guidelines:
Intestinal parasites have been around forever and are not going away – which means you need to manage them out of your pet. Parasites don’t want to kill your kitten or puppy, they just want to use their resources for their next meal. However, they don’t mind dragging pets down, causing rough hair coats or anemia in the process!
We want to feed our pets – not the parasites – the best nutrition. That is why we deworm. Don’t wait until you are sure your pet has parasites – they have already caused damage at this point. Strategic deworming means getting your pet dewormed before they have tissue damage and start showing signs.
These recommendations are from the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Puppies & Kittens: The goal is to clear the parasites during the growth phase of their life, when they are most susceptible.
Deworm at 2-4-6-8 weeks of age, then again at 12-16 weeks of age.
You can then move to 6 months and 1 year, then deworming as an adult.
Adult Dogs and Cats: We are recommending the standard here. If your pet is a big hunter they will need more frequent deworming – you must assess the risk for your pet.
The general rule: twice a year for life.
If your cat is 100% inside, you can deworm once a year. If your cat likes hunting outside, more will be necessary.
Dogs put everything in their mouth and need twice a year deworming to eliminate the parasites they will pick up.
Bitches and Queens: Parasites get active in late pregnancy when the females are heavily pregnant and stressed – the time when the mom has the least resistance to parasites. Bitches and queens will transfer roundworms in the milk, so the effort is to try and stop the transfer to the next generation.
Fenbendazole is labeled for pregnant dogs and is safe for moms during gestation.
After 50 days gestation, deworm for 3 days with Safeguard/Panacur to remove as many parasites as possible from the mom before birth.
Newly Acquired Animals: No matter what the history or age, assume they have parasites!
Deworm immediately and repeat in 2 weeks.
Put on the above adult program

Fawn Great Dane & Brindle Great Dane Puppies for Sale in Marshfield, Missouri 65706 U.S.A

Active Ingredients in Wormers:
When selecting the appropriate dewormer for your pet, consider the safety and effectiveness of the product’s active ingredient:
Pyrantel Pamoate: A very safe and effective ingredient to treat roundworms, hookworms and pinworms in dogs. Need to dose a second or even third time, 2-4 weeks apart, to eliminate all stages of the worms.
Piperazine: Effective against two types of roundworms in dogs and cats. For maximum effectiveness, must be administered at least two times (10-14 days apart) to the pet.
Fenbendazole: A very broad spectrum anthelmintic (dewormer) used in both small and large animals. In dogs, it is effective against roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and even giardia. Treatment is once a day for three consecutive days.
Praziquantel: The drug of choice for treating adult tapeworm infections in both dogs and fish. Does not kill the tapeworm eggs, so there is a potential for reinfection. To prevent this from happening, pets should be retreated on a regular basis.
Ivermectin: Most commonly used as a monthly preventative for heartworm in dogs and cats. It is also effective against external parasites such as lice, mange and ear mites

Fawn Great Dane & Brindle Great Dane Puppies for Sale in Marshfield, Missouri 65706 U.S.A.