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Daphne is no longer with us and is missed but “Whoop-See-Daisy“, her daughter will be her replacement. Whoop-See-Daisy’s 1st litter will be available around Oct. 2013. I have two of Whoop-See-Daisy’s girls. The Older girl, “Hera the dog”, bred by “Bronco-Billy” and “Phoebe” bred by “Le Tigre'”. This black Great Dane line loves to be on top of sundecks, dog houses…anything. They are just fun!

Lady Daphne was born to Daphne, my Ex-female mantle.
Fisher’s Daphne is DNA Profiled, has a wonderful temperament & great markings!
Harley the Harlequin was the sire of the litter & a very nice Great Dane too.

“Lady Daphne White” is daughter of a Mantle female, Great Dane, “Fisher’s Lady Daphne,” who I sold to Moira Moore of St. Louis, MO. “Moore’s Harley”, the sire, a Harlequin Great Dane is a grandson of a German import.
Daphne has given birth twice to litters of Black and Blue. Since then she has had a litter of Black and some Black with white markings.

In 2011, we moved to Marshfield, Missouri 65706.
Below are images from where we used to live in Pleasant Hope, Missouri.

Lady Daphne’s
Fisher’s Daphne
Great Dane

“Fisher’s Lady Daphne”
Mom to Daphne
“Lady Daphne White”
Mom to Daphne
Mom to Daphne’s

“Lady Daphne White”
Mom to Daphne

DNA Profile:

Lady Daphne’s
Harlequin Great Dane

Harley the Harlequin Daphne’s Dad is OFA Hip Certified but no image
Harley the Harlequin Dad to Daphne is not DNA Profiled

Lady Daphne’s
amongst her
Litter mates.

Lady Daphne named in honor if her Mom!
Black Great Dane
Daphne was the biggest and orneriest Black Great Dane of the litter!

Lady Daphne’s photos and paperwork.

Photos to the Left are at 4 Months
Black Great Dane

Daphne’s Credentials
Microchip #: 49053C2C1D
Black Great Dane

Lady Daphne White
Registration #:WS20690003
Lady Daphne White
DNA #: V474693

Black Great Dane AKC Puppies for Sale in Marshfield, Missouri 65706 U.S.A.

Black Great Dane
OFA Thyroid #:
OFA Elbow #:
(Left has mild Subluxation) *submitted during heat cycle at only 25 months
Black Great Dane

Daphne demonstrates life is better on “Top of the World”!

Daphne as a Mom of a Blue & Black Great Dane Litter

Daphne’s pups learns the values of being on “Top of the World”!

Daphne’s Blue Pup “BooBerry”, flew out of Springfield in a Private Plane – lucky dog!

Daphne on Top of the World 2009 Nov.
She is very vocal J