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Rokin Robin came to me at 2 years of age. She came from the Illinois area and had 84 Championships in her family tree. Check out her parent’s +5-generation color-pure pedigrees with all the champions listed in RED!

Rokin Robin suffered from Intestinal Torsion (Bloat) at less than 3 years of age and died! You can prevent a death from Bloat by having your Vet “Tack the Intestines to the Rib Cage. It is recommended to be done at the time when your beloved animal is getting Spayed or Neutered. Please Spay or Neuter your pet unless you are a breeder!

Rokin Robin’s legacy will continue with daughter Foxy Roxy complete with similar light coloring and lovely brindle markings.
Please see Foxy Roxy‘s page as the generations continue.

Rokin Robin is on a Trolley
Rokin Robin has Botched ears
Tiger wants Rokin Robin
Rokin Robin is Foxy
Tiger is Horny!

Rokin Robin’s Mom’s 5-generation Color-Pure Pedigree
Pebbles Page 1
Pebbles Page 2
*Champions are in RED

Rokin Robin’s Dad’s 5-generation Color-Pure Pedigree
Walking on Sunshine Page 1
Walking on Sunshine page 2
*Champions are in RED

Rokin Robin papers
4-Generation Color-Pure Pedigree
Rokin Robin’s DNA w/AKC
Tiger Dark Brindle Great Dane
Rokin Robin Light or Reverse Brindle Great Dane

Rokin Robin with her 2nd litter in the Garden Room.
Hand Raised in Our Loving Home, then acclimated to the Outdoors after 6-weeks, prior to possible Air Shipping in accordance to FAA Regulations or Hand-Delivery .

This was Rokin Robin’s 2nd and last litter but from this litter comes Foxy Roxy! There is always hope!
Rokin Robin’s 1st litter was born 28 Feb., 2007. 6-generation color pure pups look great!
Rokin Robin’s 2nd litter was born 21 Jan 2008. Tiger is the sire of this litter.