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Stud for Breeding Service Contract Great Dane – Le Tigre’

I, Roger White, phone 417-859-0844, located at 938 Whispering Oaks Road in Marshfield, Missouri 65706 with email of hereby offer the Stud: Le Tigre Blanc 2-C-4-UR-Eyes Only with AKC number WS48785202, AKC Microchip #: 00753B568 for breeding service. Le Tigre’ has an AKC registered DNA profile number: V765807 . Le Tigre’ is a AKC Brindled colored male with +6-generation color purity pedigree. Le Tigre’ Blanc’s is dual registered also with the APRI Registration #: A15-ZA-BC-33989T. Le Tigre Blanc’s Rabies Ser. #: S407982 Tag #: 27015 16 Mar 2015 Le Tigre’ has been Examined by Ellen Ratcliff DVM of Fair Grove Veterinary Service and provided his rabies shot on Ser. #: S407982 Tag #: 27015 16 Mar 2015. Tiger is currently up to date with numerous Parvovirus shots and successive rounds of SMZ-TMP and Panacure worming treatments. Le Tigre’ is on Heartworm medication and has been tested for Brucellosis as well.
**Le Tigre’ has not been OFA tested for anything as of Jan 2018.
Le Tigre Blanc’s Sire: Walden’s Fully Loaded Magnum AKC #: WS33623801 10-14 APRI: A15-ZA-BC-33985T.
Le Tigre Blanc’s Dam: Walden’s Queen Aeris AKC #: WS37963301 07-13 APRI: A15-AZ-BC-33986T.

I offer this service to ________________________________, phone (_______)_________-________, Cell phone (_______)_________-________ located at: _____________________________________ in ________________ with email of: __________________________________ to their
AKC ________________ colored female named ____________________________ with AKC number __________________for breeding purposes.
____________________ is to provide transportation for his/her Dam to Marshfield, MO. and back home. The dam is expected to receive reasonable accommodations for the breeding period of time not to exceed 1 week. If any special requirements are needed then _______________________ is to provide for those needs.

Payment for service is to be $1,000.00 cash at time of 1st day of service or delivery of female for breeding.

Should the breeding be unsuccessful then the female’s owner will have a FREE breeding during the next (choice of) 2 heat cycles and will owe nothing further for that breeding. Should the breeding result in 4 or less live puppies at birth, the female’s owner will receive ½ off the next stud fee at the next (choice of) 2 heat cycles.

_______________________________ Date: _______________________________
Roger S. White

_______________________________ Date: _______________________________
Owner of Female:
*Owner of the female will be expected to have their female examined by a Vet of their choice at their expense to be safe and healthy enough to breed.
*Owner will also be responsible to bring such certification with them along with a negative Brucellosis test results.
*Both animals should be up to date with shots and worm free.

* Le Tigre’s web page can be found at:
938 Whispering Oaks Road in Marshfield, Missouri 65706